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    Have you ever wondered?

"What college tennis advice steers junior players in the wrong direction?"

"Do college coaches just look at USTA national rankings?"

"How do I even start looking for a place for my child to play college tennis?"

"Does it make sense for my child to play in an older age group?"

"Does it make sense to chase USTA points?"

Does it make financial sense to travel farther away to a weaker National Open Tournament?"

"Can I get a 2nd opinion on what direction my child should take in his/her college search from someone who does not have a financial stake in our investment in tennis?"

"What is the timeline for the recruiting process? Who initiates the contact?"

"When is the best time to contact college coaches?"

"How realistic is it for my child to improve from a three-star recruit to a five-star recruit?  What is a five-star recruit?"

"Will my 9th grade child's tennis be good enough to be a "hook" for collegiate admissions offices?"

"My child plays three doubles for her high school team.  Is there a college team that she could play for?"

Experience Counts!

Ricky Becker has been on the tennis scene and accomplished much in his 25 years of playing and coaching competitive junior, collegiate and professional tennis.

Ricky's Accomplishments

  • Top-5 nationally ranked player in the Boys' 18's in 1992
  • MVP of Stanford University's National Championship Tennis Team in 1996
  • Current and former coach of numerous top-10 Eastern and top-25 nationally ranked players.
  • Keynote speaker at numerous USTA/Eastern College Showcase Day Events, USTA/Eastern Sportsmanship Award Ceremonies and Long Island Region Award Ceremonies. 

Call 516-605-0420 or email rbecker06@yahoo.com for more information!!

Ricky Becker is a valuable asset to the Eastern Section in many facets. Ricky was a top ranked Eastern junior who represented the Section at both a National and Collegiate level. He has a great passion for the game of tennis and wants to share his experiences of the sport with others. Ricky has volunteered his time at many USTA Eastern Junior events. For the past two years he has served on our Expert Panel at the USTA Eastern College Tennis...

Julie A. Bliss
Director of Junior Competition/Player Development
USTA Eastern Section
Ricky Becker played a big role in my admittance to Stanford. When the communication between the head women's coach and myself was at a standstill, Ricky was able to contact the right people and did everything he could so that I would be able to be given a fair chance at attending Stanford. In addition to helping out by contacting people, Ricky and I met on a one-to-one basis to discuss these matters....

Kristie Ahn
#1 Ranked American Junior
Stanford Scholarship Recipient

Working with Ricky was one of the best decisions my parents and I made in the recruiting process. We were amateurs and Ricky sent us on the right path. Ricky gave us the proper guidance when it came to choosing schools, how to contact them, and how to seal the deal. It was a long and hard process but we got the job done. Ricky would reach out to his connections or connect me to coaches, which really eased things up for my family. He was very easy to talk to and gave great advice. Without Ricky, I have no idea where I would have ended up for college, but I know that I reached my full potential, and Ricky played a huge role in that.

Andrew Komarov
2014 Freshman at Case University
Buffalo Grove, IL (hometown)

Ricky Becker helped me tremendously in bringing my game up to the next level. When I first started working with Ricky, I was a highly ranked nationally player but yet I would always lose to players ranked ahead of me. Ricky helped polish my game and give me the confidence to beat players I had once deemed superior. During my senior year of high school Ricky helped me to continue to improve my game while many other players lost focus on tennis...

Jon Jaklitsch
Cornell Class of 2011 and Former Top-Ranked Junior
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